BMW 2002

Nick is 31 years old and has been racing vintage BMW’s for the past 4 years. He has been at the race track since he was born. His grandfather then his father have all been racing since a young age. So it was only natural that nick followed in their steps. His grandfather started collecting and racing Oldtimers back in the 80’s and now has one of the largest collections in the world. His family were one of the first families in vintage racing to have3 generations of members racing in track at the same time. His grandfather stopped racing at the age of 84 years old after winning with their team team at the Le Mans Classic 24hrs. Making him the oldest winner of the 24 hr race as the classic is an official FIA race. Sadly he died last year. But what an amazing experience and legacy to pass down through your family. A pretty inspiring story to go with an amazing little car. Follow nicks Instagram to keep up with his racing progress and see some of the other amazing BMW’s he is around.

Jonathan SzczupakComment