Autorama Detroit

Winters in Detroit are tough! Sub zero temps and salty roads don't necessarily make it a car lovers paradise. So while we sit and wait for the lakes to thaw and the salt to be washed away from our roads, we have to make do with indoor car shows. They are not really my thing. Truthfully I can't think of a worse place to display beautiful pieces of automotive design. All the terrible lighting and crowded displays. Not to mention the hoards of people rushing to soak up any bit of gasoline culture they can get their hands on during these long dark months. 

Photo conditions at the aging Cobo center are far from perfect. So with that being said I wanted to post this blog update more to talk about the craziness that is Autorama and less about the shitty pictures I took. 

I have been to Autorama many years back and I have a lot of close friends that are in this scene. Its very much out of my comfort zone and a stretch from European vintage motor racing. however i can't help but be drawn to the color and textures. The creativity(mainly horrible) is captivating. 98% of the cars on display are terrible, but as you stroll around there are a few gems in there. A few sparks of brilliance and craftsmanship. From "ratty" looking rods to million dollar customs, there is something for everyone. 

Have a look through and see for yourself, because in all my searching I have never seen so much diversity within our culture. Enjoy!

Jonathan SzczupakComment