Hi, I am Jonathan Szczupak the photographer behind BETWEENTHEWHITELINES. Since I was young cars have been a huge part of my life. With both my Father and Grandfather working in the car industry, it was inevatable that gasoline would run through my veins. My father would take me to racing events all over the UK and later on we would also race together after moving to the United States. From a young age my father gave me a camera and i would love photographing all the cars around the Racetracks.

BETWEENTHEWHITELINES started however many years later. As a full time Automotive designer, working for Ford Motor Company in Detroit Michigan. I am constantly looking at ways to inspire my designs. Photography for me has become a fantastic format to capture and share the passion of the automobile. It's a beautiful way to study the past and the present, taking myself and the viewer to the scene. I like to believe you can almost smell and hear the cars in my work. I want you to understand the personality that the car has and the passion that the designers put into the subject when creating it.

Although my work is primarily focused on automotive recently I have been traveling a lot and exploring the world. I have also become fascinated with the connection of people and their cars. And I aim to share more of this lifestyle based photography with you in the future.

Please stay a while, enjoy the images and don't forget to share with your friends and family. I hope they enjoy it as much as you.

Jonathan Szczupak





Jonathan Szczupak